Fibrous dysplasia of the bone

About Fibrous dysplasia of the bone

Fibrous dysplasia (FD) of the bone is a peculiar condition that affects either all bones or a single bone in the body. Most cases are diagnosed in adolescence and young adulthood and remain unchanged throughout life. The initial manifestations of fibrous dysplasia are most commonly found in persons aged 3-15 years.

In the past, many conditions that could not be satisfactorily explained have been included under this disease. The bone in this condition is fibrous or plastic in quality and is defective in form as well.


Fibrous dysplasia of the bone is divided into two types:

1 Monostotic fibrous dysplasia
2 Polystotic fibrous dysplasia

In monostotic type only one bone is involved, and hence the prognosis of this type is definitely better. In polystotic type, more than one bone or a group of bones is involved, and the prognosis is poorer.


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