Tooth Mobility

Mobility of teeth is caused by disease or injury to the gum and the bone which supports the teeth.

1. Infection: when there is accumulation of food debris and bacteria on the tooth. There is inflammation of gingival. Infection is the main cause of inflammation. Inflammation from the gingiva spread to the fibrous tissue between the teeth and bone and finally it hits the bone. Inflammation and destruction of bone affects the foundation on which the teeth stands causing tooth mobility.
2. Increased amount and uneven forces during chewing when transmitted to the teeth, causes tooth mobility.
3. A tumor of the bone, which causes destruction to the bony architecture, results in tooth mobility. 

4. Blunt injury to the tooth structure can also cause looseness of teeth.


1. Patient complains of discomfort while chewing of food.
2. Pain may accompany the mobility of teeth
3. The tissues around a mobile tooth are invariable red, swollen and damaged.

Certain amount of tooth movement is always present. This movement is felt when the teeth are clenched. 

Mild moderate movement of teeth is usually diagnosed by manually pushing the tooth in question on either side with the help of probing instruments. Fingers are never a reliable source for the diagnosis for such movements. 


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