Dental Floss

Many dental health educators assert that even the most careful brushing does not remove all the harmful substances from the crevices between the teeth, areas where even the bristles cannot reach to reach such areas the use of dental floss is recommended which is nothing but a special kind of silk of nylon thread this floss is passed into the space between the teeth with a gentle to and fro sawing motion. The floss is then gently worked up and down the tooth into the gum crevices. The floss is purchased wound in a spool and is either waxed or unwaxed. The waxed floss is easier to handle. Using floss is not easy and children especially have difficulty with it. It takes a dedicated and tireless parent to floss the children’s teeth every day. It is far better to spend the effort on careful brushing.

Tips on using Floss

This is difficult. Your dentist must help you by seeing that you manipulate the floss correctly and safely. It is usually easier to handle the floss if a length of about twelve inches is tied in a circle. Do not be taken in by special gadgets, which promise to make flossing easier. None of these does anything except add problems. What must be done is to get the strand of floss between the teeth, then wrap it starting from the gum and ending at the biting surface. Do this sweeping motion tow or three times and then repeat with the adjoining tooth.


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