Fissure Sealants

Decay frequently commences in the irregular fissures on the biting surfaces of the teeth, especially the molars. These fissures are difficult to clean thoroughly - a toothbrush bristle does not penetrate to the bottom of the fissure. Apart from  cleaning the teeth and apply fluoride,  some dentists believe that these fissures can and should be sealed off from bacterial infection by the application of special resins called  
 This resin like material is  made to flow into the crevices of the biting surfaces where they are hardened by the chemical action or a special light. Usually at least the four first molars are so treated. This procedure does not give an excuse to avoid flouride application on all the teeth. Again in our view, fissure sealants are rarely necessary as a routine and add to the cost of prevention without a commensurate benefit. But your dentist must advise you. His results may be better than ours, and fissure sealants are being improved all the time.


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