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Tooth Mobility

Cleaning the mobile tooth of all bacterial sources may reduce mobility to a certain extent.
 - Teeth which are mobile by just a millimeter are so can be  splinted to the adjacent teeth.
 - Teeth which are loose and which move in all direction may   have to be extracted.

Splinting is usually done using a thin steel wire, here the mobile teeth is bond to the adjacent stable teeth in a specific pattern, so as to attain maximum stabilization of the loose tooth. This procedure might be slightly pain full. New methods have been devised to completely eliminate pain.


What level of teeth mobility can be stabilized? 
Mobility of 1mm can be treated successfully, but anything beyond this level reduces the chances of success. Also teeth loosened due to trauma have a better chance of success than teeth loosened due to infection. 
Is splinting painful? 
This procedure is normally done under local anesthesia; hence pain will not be a problem.

Splinting: stabilization of the mobile tooth by drawing support from the strong adjacent teeth.

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